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Goa is a state blessed with natural and breathtaking beauty. It is not only the sun, sand and sea that makes Goa as an extremely popular holiday destination throughout the world, but also the scenic beauty of the land and the unique culture of the people of Goa that makes it a paradise on earth. Goans are renowned for their warmth and hospitality they extend to their visitors. People of Goa are fun-loving and live their life in style and at a leisurely pace. They are passionate about dance and music and enjoy their sojourn on earth to the fullest. Every occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and family, friends and neighbours participate in every custom and tradition without exception.

 Weddings in Goa are grand, extravagant and splendid events. The traditions and customs like Utor, Engagement, Ros, Saddo, Chuddo, etc. are meaningful and have a great significance. Similarly weddings performed in the traditional way are lined up with an array of ceremonies and rituals. The Catholic weddings of the present day are very westernized with few local rituals and customs adding flavour. I have included all the customs and traditions to cover all the aspects of the wedding.

I have highlighted the culture and traditions, providing the information on the roots of the traditions, local practices, etc. thus helping the young people to understand the value of traditions in their married life.

To plan a wedding from any part of the world, all the wedding resources and information, right from the invitation cards, church services, venues, attire, catering, MCs., bands, décor, lighting, photography and videography, transportation, etc are provided so that you can book the services well in advance and know the essentials to celebrate the wedding in a systematic manner.

I hereby take the opportunity to thank you for visiting this site and I sincerely hope you will find all the information you need to celebrate your wedding or the wedding of your loved one in the state of Goa.

With all my heart I wish every couple

..a wonderful, happy and prosperous married life.

Rejoice in the Lord always……

Mary Jayne Dias